The Product Awards

Welcome to The Proddys - the awards that honor the best products of the year, and the companies who make them. Featuring 35 categories, the Proddys highlight the standout products in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Fintech, Ecommerce, and more.

Nominations will commence during ProductCon New York on September 10th, and continue until September 27th. After all nominations are submitted, we will move into the voting phase where you will decide who takes home the Proddys of 2019.

Vote now until 11:59pm PT, October 31st!

Finally, make sure to join us for the final ceremony on November 12, where we will announce the best products in the industry! You are the determining factor on who shapes the industry, so don’t miss out!


Top Product Leaders in 2019

Good products don’t just happen. Product School has selected Product Leaders responsible for creating some of the tools we all use and love